Uni Students: Places to Nap

Here at No Snooze, You Lose, we don’t believe a student should be forced to not rest at uni (unlike some other blogs). If by chance Plan A of getting a good night’s rest falls through, here is a list of Plan B’s to get you through the uni day.

–          Take a nap on the grass.

Being cooped up like battery chickens in a dark room playing WoW is not healthy for you. Step out of your room…go on, you can do it. Walk out into the sunlight and take a deep breath.

Now, what you are breathing in right now is called ‘fresh air’. That’s right, repeat it with me kids, F-R-E-S-H  A-I-R! Sit on the lawn at uni and take in that vitamin D. If you are prone to getting sunburn like I am, slap on some sun block and find a nice shady tree. If you’re afraid of bugs, bring a plastic bag or a jumper to cushion your back. Now close your eyes and catch up on those much needed Z’s.

Check out below to find the best lawn spots to nap!

sleep unsw

–          Have a break in between class?

Head on over to the 3rd level of the Main Library and find yourself a bean bag. They are like massive marshmallows that you can just sink into. Be mindful of those wishing to study around you and try to nab a bean bag instead of a table to nap.

–          Long train ride?

Why not take a little snooze on public transport? Pop on those headphones to cut out some of the chatter around you or if you you catch the train, the first, last and two middle carriages are now ‘Quiet Carriages’ so you are sure to get some shut eye there. Don’t miss your stop though!

Handy hint: Check your TripView app for when the bus/train arrives at your destination and set an alarm 5 minutes before (just in case) so you can wake up in time! Make sure your phone isn’t set on silent or sleep mode either. You can set it on vibrate if you are going to have your phone in your pocket and are on a silent carriage. Now, Snooze away!

15 thoughts on “Uni Students: Places to Nap

  1. These are very useful ideas!:) I’m always getting tired around 3 or 4 pm but some classes star and finish late so to keep myself up i drink about 3-4 cup of coffees per day but summer is almost here and coffee is not a good option to keep me awake, it doesnot help me anymore, my body got used to it already! i think Idea about laying on the grass is perfect, you can tan (if weather is good) and sleep and relax at the same time! Perfect! During winter time i used to have naps in the car because few days per week i have a long day at uni and last class finish at 6 but during the day i have few long breaks between the classes! so now i know where to have a nap if I’m tired:) thank you!:)

  2. Always falling asleep in classes, I never though about napping at uni since all the bean bags in the library are usually taken! I think if you wish to avoid sunlight/bugs as well you can probably just find space in Robert Webster since it’s usually quite empty. Definitely going to find some time to soak up some vitamin D on the lawn!

    • haha you could, but that would just make you fall behind. Catching up on much needed sleep the night before by going to bed earlier (using the tips in the previous blog) or in between classes should be your Plan A

  3. Just so you know, ‘UNSW Library: it’s not a bedroom’ isn’t against people resting at uni! Just trying to encourage people to consider others by not sleeping where people want to study. Love that you ask your followers not to sleep at tables and that you suggest napping outside (and remind people to be sun smart).

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