Sleeptober and Daylight Savings!

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We are launching Sleeptober! Throughout this month, we are taking advantage of Sleep Awareness Week (6th – 12th October 2013) by the Sleep Health Foundation and raising awareness of students and your sleep. We always put Sleep last and a little birdy told us that Sleep is not too happy about that. Sleep wants our attention and wants to be the first to be picked for a game. C’mon guys, give Sleep a chance!


Daylight savings begins 6 October at 2am! That’s this Sunday! Move your clocks FORWARD for an extra hour of daylight!

Remember though, like jet lag to a change in time zones when travelling, our bodies also need adjusting to during daylight savings, a sort of “daylight ag” if you will.

How to prepare?

Go to bed an hour earlier. Avoid sugary, caffeinated drinks beforehand and you could even get in a few exercise routines in during the day so you are tired and will easily fall asleep at this earlier time.


Good luck and don’t forget to wind your clocks forward!

6 thoughts on “Sleeptober and Daylight Savings!

  1. I can’t agree more with you. Young people like us tend to put sleep last and that’s really not good for our bodies in the long run. I never used to sleep before 2 with uni and a part time job. Now that i have more of my own time, and avoid drinking sugary drinks and putting in an exercise routine or two now and then, i do feel a difference. Thanks, great blog!!

    • haha! Some of us realised that and made sure to get ahead of ourselves and pop up a blog before we made that mistake! daylight savings!

  2. Wow I just came to the realisation that I’ve been doing the daylight savings thing wrong all this time haha. I always assumed that my body will naturally be able to adjust over time to the time change…and then again when the time comes to change the clocks again. I always go through a terrible week of lethargic days and sleepless nights afterwards…thanks for this!

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