Man hasn’t slept in 40 yrs!


Call it as you will but whether you think he is a bit of a Pinocchio or genuine super hero there is a man in this world who claims he has not slept in 40 years!

Yes, you heard it right. Not 4 days, not 4 months, not even 4 years! 40!  

This man lives in a remote village (surprise, surprise – they always seem to be located in remote areas) and is sixty-four years old. His name is Thai Ngoc, better known as Hai Ngoc.

So, what does one do when they can’t sleep?

Build 2 ponds of course!

Hai Ngoc claims that he built two fish ponds on his farm that he lives on with his six children. Some claim that he isn’t even sure when he is dreaming or when he is awake so he isn’t really sure anymore if he is still in reality. Sounds a lot like Inception to me! He is also healthy enough to carry 100kg of pig feed along a 4km stretch of road. What a legend!

SMOSH talks about this guy here:

and another blog on him is here:


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