Music that will guarantee a snooze in seconds!

Here at No Snooze, you Lose, we are keen to give you anything that will get you guys sleeping better! Tunes are always a good bet!
Here are some songs that are bound to get you snoozing! This is a fun, satirical blog that will hopefully put a smile on your faces!

What are some songs that get your eyelids dropping?


1.) 2 hours of Despicable Me’s Banana song:

The first time I watched the shortened version, I thought it was cute. Then on my related videos there popped up this video. It was late at night and obviously past my bed time but it was too good to resist. Boy, was I wrong!


2.) The Polygon song: 

I guess you math geeks out there may think this will be great for the class but for older students, I’m sure we all know how many sides a Mr Square has.


3.) 10 hours of the Pikachu Song: 

Don’t get me wrong, I love Pokemon! Despite being a girl, I used to play Pokemon cards with my two brothers at home sometimes. The show was so good as well! Oh, don’t forget the gameboys and early Nintendo games! This was just…weird.


4.) Nyan Cat: 

know someone who has this as his ringtone. Oh please, if you are reading this, change it! argggh.


5.) Justin Bieber’s Baby: 

Need I say more?