RANT – Sleep is WEIRD

Here is a little rant on sleep.

We’ve come many weeks through this campaign and this has got me thinking. Out of all the weird facts that we have come to realise, out of all the videos we have posted, I can only find one major common factor.



Have you ever wondered why we sleep? It is to help our bodies to rest and reset itself but think about how much time it takes. We spend nearly 1/3 of our lives sleeping! Imagine what we could do with that extra time! I once heard of a woman who didn’t sleep for a whole year, I think it was in the Guinness World Records or something. But wow, I don’t know how she survived or frankly, what she did with her time!

Don’t get me wrong, being students ourselves, we have had our fair share of all-nighters, but it was only because of last minute assignments or even a party here or there (yes, some of us do have lives – or at least pretend to).

Have you ever had that feeling of not being able to sleep and having managed to stay up, you realise there is so much time at night that you have been sleeping away? So much in fact that you don’t know what to do with it. You are amazed at the silence flooding the hallways in your house.

Do you hear that?

No, of course you don’t.

Silence. Absolute silence.

You walk towards the front door and press your ear against its surface.

It feels cold but soothing.

Nothing. There is nothing.

No traffic, no footsteps.

You pull away from the door. The thought of the empty night air seems eerie.

Suddenly, you hear a crash.

It sounds like something off the garage roof or the gutter.

That kind of metal sound.

You pause, frozen in your tracks.

You wait.

Your eyes still glued in the direction of the sound.

A cat screeches.

You relax.

You are relieved.

Your limbs are working again.

You head upstair and hop back into bed.

This was random but I hope it was a little different from all our posts! Thank you for reading No Snooze, You Lose! We hope we have been helpful! We hope we can continue posting on here more regularly in the future!

Man hasn’t slept in 40 yrs!


Call it as you will but whether you think he is a bit of a Pinocchio or genuine super hero there is a man in this world who claims he has not slept in 40 years!

Yes, you heard it right. Not 4 days, not 4 months, not even 4 years! 40!  

This man lives in a remote village (surprise, surprise – they always seem to be located in remote areas) and is sixty-four years old. His name is Thai Ngoc, better known as Hai Ngoc.

So, what does one do when they can’t sleep?

Build 2 ponds of course!

Hai Ngoc claims that he built two fish ponds on his farm that he lives on with his six children. Some claim that he isn’t even sure when he is dreaming or when he is awake so he isn’t really sure anymore if he is still in reality. Sounds a lot like Inception to me! He is also healthy enough to carry 100kg of pig feed along a 4km stretch of road. What a legend!

SMOSH talks about this guy here: http://www.smosh.com/smosh-pit/articles/vietnamese-man-hasnt-slept-over-30-years

and another blog on him is here: http://dathirdeye.blogspot.com.au/2012/01/real-life-superheroes.html


Sleep Deprived Burglar!


Okay, here’s one that will sure to get you laughing!

Imagine waking up to find a burglar taking a nap in your home?

Too silly? Not possible?

Well, a guy in Sacramento did this exact thing!

Think about this. Being sleep deprived, this burglar, about to make a clean sweep, decided to refuel on the spare food in the house and also take a nap in the shed. I also heard another story where a burglar fell asleep on another family’s couch!


See what sleep deprivation can do to you? In this case, it was some jail time.

NOTE: We are not condoning any sort of behaviour! So… get snoozing!


Check out this link for the full story:



Wifi Could be hurting us in our sleep!

Who Sleeps with their phone beside you? Is your phone constantly connected to the internet? What does this mean for you? What are the health impacts?

I’ve attached the article below but to save you the trouble of deciphering it all. I will summarise it all for you.

Two year 9 students from Denmark conducted a scientific experiments in high school to find out how wifi from mobile phones and routers affect cress seeds.

The results found that cress seeds in a room with wifi surrounding it, did not grow at all. Instead they all died. However, the room with cress seeds but no wifi, all started growing.

This means that wifi is harmful to us as organisms.

This is shocking! How many of you sleep next to your phone? Walk around with in in your lap? Caress it like the darling it is?

Although the experiment was conducted informally, there are many articles out there already speaking about the health impacts of wifi.

They range from migranes, sleep disturbances and heart palcipations. Come to think about it, we at NSYL have also felt that nights spent near our phones left us a little odd the next day.

We don’t suggest you do anything until you’ve checked out the article for yourself. But please do, who knows, it might be important in the future.

Wifi radiation is in the form of EMF radiation, the same kind you get from

Here is the related article incase you want to see the details.


Binaural Beats for Sleeping!

Breaking Fast asked:

Hahaha love the minion banana song! Great songs! Do you think songs with no singing might work better/relaxing type of music?

(In response to “Music that will guarantee a snooze in seconds!”)

Interestingly, if any of you really want to sleep, an actual catagory of music called “binaural beats” exist. Where the frequency of the stereo audio is so close to each other that they help the brain to relax. It is even used as medicine!

Here is one example of a binaural beat. If you want to listen to more, there are related videos in youtube. Just search “binaural beats”!


What position is the right position?

It’s the question we ask ourselves every night before we snooze. Which position, this time?

Well, there are 6 types of positions and they all affect your body differently.

Whether its on your side, your back or your belly, they all feel great, but wait.. Which is healthy for you? I won’t hold this out till the very end. I’ll be straight to the punch.

The best position is the “Back Sleeping” position. However, it depends upon the person and every position is healthy as long as you keep your head comfortable. If it is twisted, stretched or crunched too much in anyway, it will be difficult to breathe during your sleep and you’ll also experience neck pains once you wake! Ever felt that dreaded neck ache on tuesday mornings? Keep it straight and comfortable!

Now that that’s done, what do side, back or forward positions do?

Stomach Sleeping: Places pressure on your stomach, It might place your head in an uncomfortable position, It also places pressure on your lungs making it difficult to breathe.

Back Sleeping: Flattens out your curves and may give you aches in the morning, it places pressure on the hind of the head; some people experience discomfort on the hind of their heads or hips, however it places NO pressure on internal organs.

Side Sleeping: Is an odd case. By lying on your left, you place pressure on your internal organs, especially your liver and lungs. You also place pressure on knees and twisting pressure on your hips.

But whatever position you enjoy the most, the important thing is to keep your head straightened. At least now you know which position is the right (or better) position!

Happy Snoozing, Day Dwellers!

Lucid Dreaming: Controlling Your Dreams!

Here’s something that will make you can’t wait to fall asleep as students:

Lucid dreaming. What is it? Heard of Inception? Well, it’s not exactly like that but take the idea of being in your dream and being aware that you are dreaming. For example, say if you were dreaming about winning the Tour de France. You are about to cross the line, your legs ache and your forehead is soaked from the sweat beads dripping off your fringe. You suddenly realise that you are dreaming but the dream goes on, you accept it and continue with the scenario (possibly even manipulating it without much effort or realising it) and you finish the race, victoriously popping that champagne bottle.

You’re a star.

Only momentarily though.

After a few moments you wake, knowing that when you were in the dream, you recognised it and just played along with it.


Why is it so fascinating? Think about it! You have the possibility to control your dreams. Think up whatever you want and bam, it’s almost like an alternate universe. Miranda Kerr? BAM! There she is! A pile of cash? BAM! It’s all yours!

Lucid dreaming is actually easily achievable and more common than many people think! Here’s some ways to get you to lucid dream better. Get ready!


1.) The most common time to have a lucid dream is a few hours after you wake in the morning.

What can you do? Set 2 alarms. One 3 hours before you have to wake and another when you usually wake. Otherwise, if you are prone to clicking the snooze button or turning off your alarm and sleeping in, you may have been lucid dreaming without even knowing it!

2.) Another tip is to keep a dream journal, as soon as you remember your dreams, write it down.

This may give you some indication as to what you are dreaming about and what aspects of your real life is imitated or triggering these dreams. Look for patterns and similarities!

3.) Give yourself a symbol to indicate you are in reality.

Okay, this one sounds a lot like Leonardo DiCaprio’s little spinning top in Inception. Well, it is similar. He spins it to let himself know whether he is in a dream or in reality because sometimes we are not aware if we are dreaming and as soon as we wake, we forget our dream. Pinch yourself and repeat the words “I’m awake” or even give yourself some kind of action that is personal to you. If you do it enough in real life, over time, when in dreams, you will also recognise to do this and know whether you are dreaming or not. If you are dreaming, it will not be the exact same action, or you feel like you can’t see parts of your hands etc.

Music that will guarantee a snooze in seconds!

Here at No Snooze, you Lose, we are keen to give you anything that will get you guys sleeping better! Tunes are always a good bet!
Here are some songs that are bound to get you snoozing! This is a fun, satirical blog that will hopefully put a smile on your faces!

What are some songs that get your eyelids dropping?


1.) 2 hours of Despicable Me’s Banana song:

The first time I watched the shortened version, I thought it was cute. Then on my related videos there popped up this video. It was late at night and obviously past my bed time but it was too good to resist. Boy, was I wrong!


2.) The Polygon song: 

I guess you math geeks out there may think this will be great for the class but for older students, I’m sure we all know how many sides a Mr Square has.


3.) 10 hours of the Pikachu Song: 

Don’t get me wrong, I love Pokemon! Despite being a girl, I used to play Pokemon cards with my two brothers at home sometimes. The show was so good as well! Oh, don’t forget the gameboys and early Nintendo games! This was just…weird.


4.) Nyan Cat: 

know someone who has this as his ringtone. Oh please, if you are reading this, change it! argggh.


5.) Justin Bieber’s Baby: 

Need I say more?

Sleeptober and Daylight Savings!

Screen shot 2013-10-03 at 12.14.43 AM

We are launching Sleeptober! Throughout this month, we are taking advantage of Sleep Awareness Week (6th – 12th October 2013) by the Sleep Health Foundation and raising awareness of students and your sleep. We always put Sleep last and a little birdy told us that Sleep is not too happy about that. Sleep wants our attention and wants to be the first to be picked for a game. C’mon guys, give Sleep a chance!


Daylight savings begins 6 October at 2am! That’s this Sunday! Move your clocks FORWARD for an extra hour of daylight!

Remember though, like jet lag to a change in time zones when travelling, our bodies also need adjusting to during daylight savings, a sort of “daylight ag” if you will.

How to prepare?

Go to bed an hour earlier. Avoid sugary, caffeinated drinks beforehand and you could even get in a few exercise routines in during the day so you are tired and will easily fall asleep at this earlier time.


Good luck and don’t forget to wind your clocks forward!